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Otherwise known as Longjack or by its scientific name Eurycoma longifolia, tongkat ali has been used for many years especially for its aphrodisiac and energy boosting qualities.


Greensboro, North Carolina: Arginine and endothelial and vascular health.

J Nutr. 2004 Oct;134

The vascular endothelium is a crucial regulator of vascular function and homeostasis. Nitric oxide (NO) is an important paracrine substance released by the endothelium to regulate vasomotor tone. Risk factors for atherosclerosis, as well as atherosclerosis per se, are associated with endothelial dysfunction and decreased bioavailablilty of NO. Indeed, endothelial dysfunction is integral to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, endothelial dysfunction relates to an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes. L-Arginine is an essential amino acid required by the constitutive enzyme, endothelial NO oxide synthase (eNOS), to produce NO. Administration of L-arginine improves endothelial function in animal models and in humans with hypercholesterolemia and with atherosclerosis. Clinical trials to date support potential clinical applications of L-arginine in the treatment of coronary artery disease and peripheral arterial disease, as well as in the prevention of in-stent restenosis. The mechanism of benefit of L-arginine on endothelial function is unclear, because intracellular concentrations of L-arginine far exceed that required by eNOS. One potential explanation of this "arginine paradox" is that L-arginine restores endothelial function in atherosclerotic patients, in whom there are elevated levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine, an endogenous inhibitor of eNOS. Given the promising findings of early studies of L-arginine as a potential therapy for cardiovascular disorders, large-scale clinical trials are warranted.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA news


Cement Shoes, Torture
Cement shoes or Chicago overcoat is a largely fictional method of execution and/or body disposal, usually associated with criminals such as the Mafia or gangs. It involves weighting down the victim, who may be dead or alive, with concrete and throwing them into the water in the hope the body will never be found. In the US, the term has become tongue-in-cheek for a threat of death by criminals. Only one real-life case is confirmed. Cement shoes involve first binding, incapacitating or killing the victim and then placing each foot into a bucket or box, which is then filled with wet concrete. Typically in movies and novels the victim is still alive as they watch the concrete harden, heightening the torture and drama. After the concrete sets, the living victim/corpse is thrown into a river, lake or the ocean. A similar term is cement overcoat or sleep[ing] with the fishes. Although called "cement", it is technically concrete which is a mixture of cement powder, water, and sand or gravel.


Newark, New Jersey: Tongkat ali now patented for weight loss

By Sam Sanare

Updated: 2016-07-16

For years I have been propagating tongkat ali in high dosages for weight loss. Now somebody patented this idea in the US.

See this for details:

A printscreen of the above article can be read here:

That water-based tongkat ali extract changes body composition in men from fat to lean body mass has been confirmed in a human clinical trial.

This study was published in the Britisch Journal of Sports Medicine.

The scientific index for this study is:

Br J Sports Med.2003; 37: 464-470

An abstract of the study can be accessed via the following URL:

Access is free, but requires a registration.

A printscreen of the abstract can be read here:

The study was made with men. However, it is known that testosterone modulation has a greater effect on women than it does on men. Therefore, it is likely that if tongkat ali water-based extract causes fat loss in men, it will do so more dramatically in women.

However, those intending to use tongkat ali for weight loss should be aware that the tongkat ali available in health food stores in Western countries is low-ratio and low-quality, and that a lot of the extract sold on Internet spam sites is fake, and/or mixed with cheap other stuff.


1 Jay K. Udani,1,2 Annie A. George,3 Mufiza Musthapa,3 Michael N. Pakdaman,1 and Azreena Abas3, Effects of a Proprietary Freeze-Dried Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia (Physta) and Polygonum minus on Sexual Performance and Well-Being in Men: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 179529, 10 pages

2 Shawn M. Talbott, Weight loss compositions using citrus peel extract and eurycoma longfolia

3 Ralf R. Henkel1,†,*, Ruxiang Wang2,†, Susan H. Bassett3, Tao Chen4, Na Liu2, Ying Zhu4 andMohd Ismail Tambi5, Tongkat Ali as a Potential Herbal Supplement for Physically Active Male and Female Seniors—A Pilot Study, Phytotherapy Research Volume 28, Issue 4, pages 544–550, April 2014

4 Bastiaan J. Venhuiscorrespondenceemail, Jing Tan, Marjo J. Vredenbregt, Xiaowei Ge, Min-Yong Low, Dries de Kaste, Capsule shells adulterated with tadalafil, January 10, 2012Volume 214, Issues 1-3, Pages e20–e22


Why is sex so important? Because love is anyway just an illusion.



Lincoln, Nebraska: PLANT REVIEW: Butea monosperma

ABSTRACT Butea monosperma (Lam.) Kuntze (Syn. Butea frondosa ; Family Fabaceae) , This is a moderate sized deciduous tree which is widely distributed throughout India , Burma and Ceylon, popularly known as 'dhak' or 'palas', commonly known as ‘Flame of forest’ . The family Fabaceae compromises of 630 genera and 18,000 species. The crude extracts of various parts and pure isolates of Butea monosperma was reported to possess antibacterial, antifungal, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory activities. Butea monosperma have been found to possess tonic, astringent, aphrodisiac and diuretics propertie s. The widespread uses of Butea monosperma in traditional systems of medicine have resulted in their extensive chemical analysis for their bio-active principles. This arti cle briefly reviews the botany, chemistry and pharmacology of Butea monosperma (Lam) Kuntze. INTRODUCTION It is evident that without nature human being life is impossible. There are three basic necessity of humans is food, clothes and shelter and now the fourth one is good health, which provided by plant kingdom. Nature stands a golden mark and provided the storehouse of remedies to cure all ailments of mankind. Plant kingdom represents a rich house of organic compounds, many of which have been used for medicinal purposes and could serve as lead for the development of novel agents having good efficacy in various pat hological disorders in the coming years. Herbs have always been the principal form of medicine in India and presently they are becoming popular throughout the world, as people strive to stay healthy in the face of chronic stress and pollution, and to treat illness with medicines that work in count with the body’s own defence. There is a widespread belief that green medicines are healthier and more harmless or safer than synthetic ones.

In traditional medicine , there are many natural crude drugs that have the potential to treat many disease and disorders one of them is Butea monosperma (Lam.) Taub (Syn. Butea frondosa ; Family Fabaceae) popularly known as 'dhak' or 'palas' ,commonly known as ‘Flame of forest’, palash , mutth uga ,bijasneha, khakara, chichara , Bastard teak , Bengal kino.(1)

They comprise one of the largest families of flowering plants, numbering 630 genera and 18,000 species.(2) This is a moderate sized deciduous tree which is widely distributed throughout India , Burma and Ceylon extending in the north west himalayas as far as jhelum except in very acrid parts. (3) It is one of the most beautiful tree has been put to some useful purpose. Butea monosperma is extensibly used in Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathic medicine and has become a cynosure of modern medicine. The plants of this genus are well known for their colouring matters. Commonly Butea monosperma is used as tonic, astringent, aphrodisiac and diuretics. (4).

Roots are useful in filariasis, night blindness, helminthiasis, piles, ulcer and tumours. (5) It is reported to possess antifertility, aphrodisiac and analgesic activities. (2)

Flowers are useful in diarrhoea, astringent, diuretic, depurative and tonic (33). The stem bark is useful in indigenous medicine for the treatment of dyspepsia, diarrhoea, dysentery, ulcer, sore throat and snake bite. Besides medicinal uses it is also having the economic use such as leaves are used for making platters, cups, bowls and beedi wrappers (2)Bark fibres are used for making cordage.(1) Wood is used for well curbs and water scoop. It is a cheap board wood .Wood pulp is suitable for newsprint manufacturing. (6) Butea is also a host to the Lac insect, which produces natural lacquer. (61)

Butea superba is a native herb in the family of Popilionaceae. The Plant tw inning wood y long-life herbal plant exists only in Thailand. This species can be found in the same habitat as Pueraria Mirifica in the mountainous area. The long shape tuberous were annually enlarged and accumulated at least 15 chemicals in the group of direct chain organic acid especially flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides with c-AMP Phosphodiesterase potent inhibitor directly at the corpus cavernosum of the penis and resulted in enhancing blood flow to that area. In addition, it supports normal sexual function, erectile capacity, enhance sensitivity and better performance. The preparation of Butea superba tubers has been used as an alternative herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction in males. (7) The tubers of Butea superba have been found to contain estrogenic substances similar to follicle hormones. (8) Roots of Butea superba show rejuvenating activity (9). The root barks of Butea superba shows 65% inhibitory activity on acetylcholinesterase.(10)

Butea parviflora also known as climbing Butea and palashabheda, is a large woody licine with large trifoliate leaves, white or cream colo ured flowers and single seeded fruit found throughout in india. Roots contain rotenone.

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION An erect tree 12-15 m high with crooked trunk and irregular branches, bark rough, ash coloured, young parts downy. Leaves 3-foliate, petioles 10-15 cm long, stipules linear lanceolate. Leaflets coriaceous (the terminal 10-20 cm long, broadly ovate from a cuneate base, the lateral smaller, 10-15 by 7.5 – 10 cm, obliquely rounded at the base, equilateral, the lower side the larger), all obtuse, glabrous above when old, finely silky and conspicuously reticulately veined beneath; petioles 6 mm long, stout-stipels subu late, deciduous. Flowers large, in a rigid racemes 15 cm long, 3 flowers together form the tumid nodes of the dark olive-green velvety rhachis: pedicels about twice as long as the calyx, densely brown-velvety: bracts and bracteoles small, deciduous. Calyx 13 mm long, dark olive-green, densely velvety outside, clothed with silky hairs within: teeth short, the 2 upper connate, the 3 lower equal, deltoid. Corolla 3.8-5cm long, clothed outside with silky, silvery hairs, orange or salmon coloured: standard 2.5 cm broad: keel semicircular, beaked, veined. Pods stalked 12.5-20 by 2.5-5 cm, thickened at the sutures, reticulately veined argenteo–canescent: stalked 2 cm long (1, 2).

CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS Flower - Triterpene (35),several flavonoids butein, butin, isobutrin, coreopsin, isocoreopsin (butin 7-glucoside), sulphurein, monospermoside(butein 3-e-D-glucoside) and isomonospermoside, chalcones,aurones, isobutyine, , palasitrin, 3',4',7- trihydroxyflavone (11). Myricyl alcohol, stearic, palmitic, arachidic and lignoceric acids (13 ) glucose, fructose, histidine, aspartic acid, alanine and phenylalanine (14 )

Gum -Tannins, mucilaginous material, pyrocatechin (1). Seed - Oil (yellow, tasteless), proteolytic and lypolytic enzymes, plant proteinase and polypeptidase. (Similar to yeast tripsin) (2). A nitrogenous acidic compound, along with palasonin is present in seeds . It also contains monospermoside (butein3-e-D-glucoside) and somonospermoside(11 ). Allophanic acid, several flavonoids (5, 6, 7, 4’-tetrahydroxy-8-methoxyisoflavone 6-O-rhamnopyranoside. (15) Butin (37) α -Amyrin, β - sitosterol, β -sitosterol- β -D-glucoside, sucrose (16 ), Fatty acids such as myristic, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, behenic, lignoceric, oleic, li noleic and linolenic (16) Monospermin(18). And an acid imide.(19) 15- Hydroxypentacosanoic acid nheneicosanoic acid δ - lactone (21). 10, 16-dihydroxyhexadecanoic acid (22)Phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol (23 )

Root- The root of Butea monosperma contains glucose, glycine, a glycoside (aglycon) and an aromatic hydroxy compound (28) Stem- 3-Z-hydroxyeuph-25-ene and 2,14-dihydroxy- 11,12-dimethyl-8-oxo-octadec -11-enylcyclohexane (58) Stigmasterol-e-D-glucopyranoside and nonacosanoic acid (35) Flavonoid 8-C-pr enylquercetin 7,4'-di- O- methyl-3-O- α -L-rhamnopyranosyl(1-4)- α -L- rhamnopyranoside.(25) 3-hydroxy-9~ methoxypterocarpan [(-)-medicarpin]. Lupenone, lupeol and sitosterol. Two iso flavones 5-methoxygenistein and prunetin (26). In addition to stigmasterol-3- α -L- arabinopyranoside, four compounds isolated from the stem of Butea monosperma have been characterized as 3-methoxy-8,9-methylenedioxypterocarp-6-ene, 21- methylene-22-hydroxy-24-oxooctacosanoic acid Me ester, 4-pentacosanylphenol and pentacosanyl- β -D- glucopyranoside (27). Bark - Kino-tannic acid, Gallic acid, pyrocatechin (4). Also contains palasitrin, and major glycosides as butrin, alanind, allophanic acid, butolic acid, cyanidin, histidine, lupenone, lupeol, (-)-medicarpin, miroestrol, palasimide and shellolic acid (4, 53, 34, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20). Two compounds, 3, 9-dimethoxypterocarpan, and triterpenoid ester, 3 α - hydroxyeuph-25-enyl heptacosanoate .(27) Leaves - Glucoside, Kino-oil containing oleic and linoleic acid, palmitic and lignoceric acid. (13) Resin - Jalaric esters I, II and laccijalaric esters III, IV.; Z-amyrin, e-sitosterone and its glucoside ,sucrose, lactone-nheneicosanoic acid-{-lactone (51,52) Sap - Chalcones, butein , butin, colourless isomeric flavanone and its glucosides, butrin (1). Biological and Pharmacological Activites Antifungal activity, antimicrobial activity, antibacterial activity The stem bark of Butea monosperma displays antifungal activity, which is due to the presence of an active constituent (-)-medicarpin. (26) The seed oil of Butea monosperma shows significant bactericidal and fungicidal effect in in-vitro testing (18) Anti-inflammatory activity The leaves of Butea monosperma exhibit ocular anti- inflammatory activity in rabbits(5 ), The anti- inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of Butea monosperma evaluated by carrageenin induced paw edema and cotten pellet granuloma. In carrageenin induced paw edema at 600 and 800 mg/kg inhibition of paw edema, by 26 and 35% and in cotten pellet granuloma inhibition of granuloma tissue formation, by 22 and 28%. (36) Liver disorders An extract from the flowers of Butea monosperma is used in India for the treatment of liver disorders and two antihepatotoxic flavonoids, isobutrin and butrin have been isolated from the extract (29). The effect of pretreatment of methanolic Butea monosperma extract prior to TAA treatment at two doses and the results suggest that it may contribute to the chemo preventive effect. Butea monosperma showed a significant recovery in the level of glutathione and its metabolizing enzyme in the liver induced the detoxifying enzyme system, which is shown by the elevated levels of other QR, SOD, GPx, and xanthine oxidase, which are important phase II enzymes. (45) Anticonvulsive activity It shows anticonvulsive activity, due to the presence of a triterpene (42). The ethanolic extracts of leaves of Albizzia lebbeck and flowers of Hibiscus rosa sinesis and the petroleum ether extract of flowers of Butea monosperma exhibited anticonvulsant activity. The acetone soluble part of pe troleum ether extract of Butea monosperma flowers showed anticonvulsant activity. The fractions protected an imals from maximum electro shock, electrical kindling pentylenetetrazole and lithium–pilocarpine induced convulsion but failed to protect animals from strychnine-induced convulsions. The fractions raised br ain contents of gamma- aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin. (62) Antiesterogenic and antifertility activity Alcoholic extract of flowers of Butea monosperma has also been reported to exhibit antiestrogenic. (44). Hot alcoholic extract of Butea monosperma seeds have been reported for significant anti ovulatory and anti- implantation activities when given to rats and rabbits. The active constituent has been identified as butin (37). Butin also exhibits male contraceptive properties (32). Antifertility effect of seed extract of Butea frondosa has also been reported in mice. (17) The stem bark of Butea monosperma , led to the isolation and identification of three new compounds named buteaspermin A, buteaspermin B and buteaspermanol, along with 19 known compounds. (43) Hemagglutinating activity Seeds of Butea monosperma showing specificity towards human erythrocytes.(33). The lectins such as Butea monosperma agglutinin (BMA) isolated from the seeds of Butea monosperma are responsible for agglutinating property (64) this property was only shown by seeds not by flowers, leaves, roots and stems. Human blood group- A-specific agglutinins have been demonstrated in some of the N-acetyl galactosamine/ galactose –binding lectins, such as the lectins. Hemagglutination test showed that N-acetyl galactosamine is th e strongest inhibitor of agglutination, (40) Antidiabetic activity The single dose treatment of ethanolic extract of Butea monosperma flowers at the dose of 200mg/kg P.O. significantly improved glucose tolerance and cause reduction in blood glucose level in alloxan induced diabetic Rats. (39) .Oral administration of the ethanolic extract of the Butea monosperma seeds at the dose of 300mg/kg b.w., exhibited significant antidiabetic, hypolipaemic and antiperoxidative effects in non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus rats. (41) Wound healing activity The topical administration of an alcoholic bark extract of Butea monosperma on cutaneous wound healing in rats. Full-thickness excision wounds were made on the back of rat .The granulation tissue formed on days 4, 8, 12 and 16 (post-wound) was used to estimate total collagen, hexosamine, protein, DNA and uronic acid. The extract increased cellular proliferatio n and collagen synthesis at the wound site, as evidenced by increase in DNA, total protein and total collagen content of granulation tissues. The extract treated wounds heal much faster than normal animals as indicated by improved rates of epithelialisation and wound contraction, tensile strength and histopathological examinations. Butea monosperma exhibited wound healing activities due to its antioxidant properties. (60) Diarrhoea Butea monosperma gum has also been found useful in cases of chronic diarrhoea. It is a powerful astringent and also decreases bilirubin level (65)The ethanolic extract of stem bark of Butea monosperma at 400 mg/kg and 800mg/kg inhibited castor oil induced diarrhoea due to inhibiting gastrointestinal motility and PGE 2 induced enteropooling. It is used as nonspecific anti diarrhoel agent in folk medicine. (39) . Giardiasis Giardiasis is a common gastrointestinal infection caused by a protozoa1 parasite, Giurdia lamblia. Pippali rasayana (PR), an Ayurvedic herbal medicine, prepared from Piper longum (Pippali) and Butea monosperma (Palash) in which ash of stem, root, flower and leaves of Butea monosperma is used, has significant activity against Giardiasis It produced up to 98% recovery from the infection. The rasayana had no killing effect on the parasite in vitro. It induced significant activation of macrophages as evidenced by increased macrophage migration index (MMI) and phagocytic activity. With higher doses of PR recovery increased up to 98% at 900 mg/kg (63) Flowers of this plant are also effective in leprosy, leucorrhoea and gout (2) Anthelmintic activity


Toledo, Ohio: Springdale, Arkansas: Arkansas pair, including teacher, arrested on charges stemming from sex abuse of 2 children

A husband and wife from Northwest Arkansas have been arrested on charges related to the sexual abuse of two young children, police said.

Full story


Orlando, Florida: 60 N.J. woman headed to prison for penis enlargement death

By Bill Wichert | NJ Advance Media for November 10, 2015 at 8:14

NEWARK -- Before Kasia Rivera was sentenced on Monday to five years in state prison for conducting a fatal penis enlargement procedure in 2011, her attorney, Olubukola Adetula, said she has "accepted responsibity for her actions" and wanted to "move on with the rest of her life."

Essex County Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey, however, said Rivera may want to move on with her life, but "we still have a man that died."

"A man died because of her recklessness," said Neafsey, adding that "she had no business sticking needles into anyone, specifically sticking a needle into a man's penis."

Rivera, 38, of East Orange, received the five-year prison term after having pleaded guilty on Sept. 8 to a reckless manslaughter charge in connection with the May 2011 death of Justin Street, 22, also of East Orange. Prosecutors recommended the five-year sentence under a plea deal.

Under the sentence handed down by Superior Court Judge John Zunic, Rivera must serve slightly more than four years before becoming eligible for parole. She will receive credit for nearly eight months of time served.

Rivera declined to make a statement during Monday's hearing.

In pleading guilty, Rivera admitted to injecting silicone into Street's penis when he visited her home on Glenwood Avenue in East Orange. The silicone was not the kind used in medical procedures, authorities said.

Authorities have said the injection shot directly into Street's bloodstream, shutting down his organs, and he died as a result the following day. A medical examiner later determined Street died from a silicone embolism, and his death was ruled a homicide, authorities said.

At the time of her guilty plea, Rivera acknowledged she was not trained as a medical doctor and she was neither trained nor licensed to administer the silicone injection.

Rivera, who had worked as a bartender in Irvington, could be deported to her native Jamaica as a result of her guilty plea, authorities said.

During Monday's hearing, Adetula noted how Rivera had been cooperative in the investigation. Adetula said Rivera surrendered to the police when she knew authorities were looking for her, and she provided a statement to detectives about her role in the incident.

Rivera had been preparing to go on trial in May, but the trial was postponed due to alleged jury tampering while jury selection was under way.

At that time, three jurors said they were approached on May 8 by a man associated with Rivera about influencing the outcome of the trial. Two of the jurors said they were offered bribes of $5,000.

One of those two jurors said he gave his phone number to the man and later received three calls from a woman whom he believed to be Rivera.

At a May 12 hearing, Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler heard those allegations while interviewing 20 prospective jurors individually. The judge then dismissed all of the jurors from serving on the trial.

Wigler found Rivera was complicit in the attempt to improperly influence the potential jury, revoked her bail and remanded her to the Essex County Correctional Facility.

When she pleaded guilty on Sept. 8, Rivera said she did not participate in the alleged tampering scheme.

Rivera claimed the man, whom she described as a friend, had acted alone in approaching the jurors, and that she didn't ask him to approach the jurors or encourage him to do so.

While the case was still pending, Rivera also was charged in unrelated tongkat ali testosterone cases with possession of a stun gun and injecting silicone into another woman's buttocks and breasts up to four times. Under the plea agreement, the charges related to those cases have been dismissed.


Your agenda is clear. Optimal health and great sex at age 100. Be careful with what you put into yourself. Men should follow the Serge Kreutz diet. Women are more disposable and will sooner or later be replaced bylove robots.


Chula Vista, California: This Is What It’s Like to Spend an Hour With “Neomasculinity” Blogger Roosh


Hearing that Daryush Valizadeh, a blogger who set off global outrage last week when he planned to organize men-only “tribal gatherings” around the world, would be holding a press conference Saturday night in a Dupont Circle hotel was like receiving an invitation to a real-life meeting with one of the odder corners of internet culture. Valizadeh had already had an interesting week: His planned meetings resurfaced an article he wrote last year in which he suggested rapes committed on private property should be legal, prompting internet-wide condemnation, rebukes from government officials around the globe, and the online-activist group Anonymous publishing his parents’ address.

A day after the Daily Mail followed Anonymous’s tip to a Silver Spring cul-de-sac and found him at the door, Valizadeh—who goes by the nom-de-blog “Roosh V”—hastily called the press conference, supposedly to dispel charges that he is a “pro-rape” advocate. The set-up suggested the strangeness that was to come. Valizadeh did not supply the exact location until less than two hours before it started. He arrived escorted by a clutch of burly men who he said were bodyguards, and set up his own cameras to ensure his online followers would have their own view of the proceedings with the dozen or journalists who took the bait.

What followed was nearly an hour of ranting, evasions, and accusations ranging from broadside attacks on all media to responding to one of my questions by asking, “Do you lift?” And rather than spend the remainder of the night adding to his purported sexual conquests—Valizadeh has self-published more than a dozen “guides” to seducing women in many different countries, all with the word “Bang” in the title—he followed the press conference by setting his Twitter followers loose on the reporters who showed up.

“This article, to a ten-year-old, was obvious I didn’t intend to legalize rape or cause harm against women,” Valizadeh said about his February 2015 post that his critics seized upon. While he said it was meant to be satire from the start, though, it is not difficult to see why readers would take it as his genuine belief.

As “Roosh V,” Valizadeh has built up a small but dedicated following of a philosophy he calls “neomasculinity.” He believes that women should be socially and physically submissive to men, claims to have 1 million monthly readers, and has written about multiple sexual encounters in which the woman was too inebriated to give consent.

But rather than give off a veneer of strength and virility, Valizadeh on Saturday came off as rambling, paranoid, and defensive, answering nearly every question by pivoting back to his belief that he is the victim of a media conspiracy, guzzling through several bottles of water in the process. He told a reporter from Vice Media that the company peddles “garbage,” and called the Daily Beast a CIA front.

“As you see I’ve been under a lot of stress from this mob that’s coming after me because of these things you wrote that don’t conform to the real world, and I don’t get it,” he said. “You’re ready to write that this guy is pro-rape without knowing where that false idea comes from.”

Even if Valizadeh’s professed exploits have been on the right side of the law, they do not, as Vox pointed out last week, comport to most people’s definition of rape. (The FBI defines it as “penetration, no matter how slight” without consent.)

“I’ve never been accused of rape,” he said. “Nobody’s ever read something by me and went onto rape, because I know if they did hurt a woman it would be all over the news.


Socrates, clearly recognized as a wise man, stated that women have no place in public life. And right he was.


Fort Wayne, Indiana: This surgeon says he can increase your penis size by two inches by injecting it with blood

It’s really not about length. It’s about what you do with it.

But despite this knowledge being spread far and wide, many men are still bothered by the size of their penis – judging by the Google searches for ‘how to make my penis bigger’, anyway.

So of course, surgeons are stepping up to meet the demand, creating procedures that they claim will make men’s dicks larger.

They’re probably more effective than the herbal teas recommended all over the internet, to be fair.

Dr Norman Rowe, a surgeon in New York, has just debuted a new technique for boosting men’s genitals.

Essentially, it’s a bit like those vampire facials everyone got excited about when Kim Kardashian shared a bloody-faced selfie. You pop into the surgery, get your own blood injected into your genitals, and, apparently, can expect a growth of 1.5 inches in circumference.*

*Yep. We’re talking girth, not length.

Dr Rowe told Daily Mail Online that the procedure lasts just 10 minutes and there’s no need for a recovery period. You can get the procedure done in your lunch break and go straight back to work. If you fancy.

The only after-effect you need to worry about is accidentally disrupting the symmetry of the injection. Dr Rowe recommends skipping sex for two days post-op.

The procedure is a pretty big deal, as it’s the first time someone’s come up with a way to enlarge the penis without surgery.

Dr Rowe was inspired to create the treatment by the rise of quick fix procedures like Botox and fillers, and wondering if something similar could work for penises.

He then looked into a method often used in sports medicine, which involves injecting blood back into the body to revive the muscle, and the vampire facial.

And voila: he came up with his bulge booster, which he claims can remedy erectile dysfunction alongside increasing girth.

Which all sounds wonderful, if girth is something you’re worried about.

But would you dare to get multiple injections in your dick? Could you actually go through with it? We’re crossing our legs and cringing a little at the thought.


It's not that we would be madly in love with Donald Trump. Yeah, he may not be the brightest one. Not even bright enough for political correctness. But hey, that's a plus, not a minus. Fuck that political correctness.



Jersey City, New Jersey: Mother jailed for forcing daughter into prostitution in Dubai

DUBAI // A mother who forced her 16-year-old daughter to work as a prostitute has been jailed for two years.

At Dubai Criminal Court in August, the 42-year-old Pakistani denied a human-trafficking charge.

The court heard the girl became pregnant during her work. A 50-year-old Pakistani man was also charged with human trafficking because he was allegedly responsible for arranging liaisons with customers, but was found not guilty.

Records showed that the mother brought her daughter from Pakistan last year after telling her she had found her a job in a beauty salon. The girl arrived with both of her parents.

"They told my that I was here to work as a prostitute.

"I refused, but my mother started yelling at me and telling me I had to repay the costs they paid," the victim said.

She was sent to a hotel where she was forced to have sex with men. She continued to work as a prostitute until her mother's visa expired after which both of them returned to Pakistan.

"We came back to Dubai in June last year and my mother started sending me to customers. On one occasion she sent me to Sharjah, where I was arrested."

She said that she had once asked a customer for help and to call police but he refused.

The teenager is being cared for by the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

She was seven months pregnant when her mother appeared in court on August 15.

The mother will be deported after serving her jail term.


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1100 N Central Ave,
Phoenix, AZ


Buck and Rider
4225 E. Camelback Road,
Phoenix AZ 85018
(602) 346-0110


Different Pointe of View
11111 N 7th St,
Phoenix, AZ 85020,
+1 602-866-6350


Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant
7677 N 16th St,
Phoenix, AZ 85020,
+1 602-870-1977


Carolina's Mexican Food
1202 E Mohave St,
Phoenix, AZ 85034,
+1 602-252-1503


Mi Patio Mexican Restaurant
3347 N 7th Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85013,
+1 602-277-4831


Abyssinia Restaurant and Cafe Ethiopian cuisine
842 E Indian School Rd,
Phoenix, AZ 85014,
+1 602-795-4113


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